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Compliance & Standards

We consider hygiene and cooling of meat the highest priority as this creates a longer shelf lifetime and keeps the meat fresh.

We ensure that the appropriate resources are committed toward implementing this policy across all our operations and communicating our policies and standards to all our employees. Our food safety performance will be considered at every management meeting. Management will review this policy annually to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims and aspirations of the company and keeps up to date with legislative requirements. We will be compliant to the following regulations: The Meat Safety Act 2000(Act no 40 of 2000), SANS 10049, CFSI R918, HACCP and Veterinary Residues.


Building and Coldrooms


Vleis1 has 5 coldrooms where the size varies from 12m² to 240m². Their temperature stays consistent between 0ºC and 8ºC and is monitored daily.


Vleis1 has 3 different freezerooms with an average size of 108m². The freezers's temperature stays consistent between -15ºC and -20ºC. The coldrooms and freezerooms are never turned of and stays in permanently. The working temperature inside the building varies between 8ºC and 15ºC, depending on the season.




Vleis1 has a large generator that provides enough electricity for all machines, coldrooms and freezerooms to stay on for hours.







All floors and machines are cleaned daily with the correct cleaning utilities. The terrain arround the building is also cleaned daily.







All the staff members are trained before they can start working and thereafter they are further trained on the job. The training includes the handeling of meat at the departing and reception points and where and how the carcasses are to be stored. Each staff member is also trained on customer relations. When moving carcasses, the staff members are trained to do this as safest possible way to ensure their own safety and the safety of their co-workers.


Meat Handling



Clean overals are handed out on a daily basis. The dirty overals are sent to a dry cleaner for cleaning.






Weighing and monitoring

When new carcasses arrive or when they are sent out, each carcass is weighed and monitored and any carcas(meat) that does not comply to our quality standards are moved to a quarentine area. (The carcasses are immediately sent back and destroyed)






Hooks and Tracks

The rollers (hooks) are cleaned thoroughly and the tracks are high enough to ensure that a carcass will never touch the floor.








Only SABS approved disinfectants and soaps which is food safe are used to clean the factory. Vleis1 also uses outside contracters for other services such as pest control.