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Every vehicle is monitored and track via "C Track" to ensure that Vleis1 can see at any time where they are and at what speed they are moving. There can be seen exactly where they stop and where the doors are opened. This way, Vleis1 has full control over each vehicle and their movement. All Vleis1 delivery vehicles are equiped with a cooling system to ensure the temperature is held at the correct temperature.

Vleis1's delivery vehicles are always in a roadworthy condition and stays this way by training each driver in the methods of safe driving. Each vehicle does only one delivery route per day whereafter it is taken to the mechanic for inspection and for treatment of any problems or possible problems that may have occured during the delivery route.

Each route is carefully planned via GPS to ensure that clients receive their orders as soon as possible. In the event of a vehicle breakdown during a scheduled delivery, a replacement vehicle is immediately sent to complete the delivery and the broken down vehicle willl be towed and repaired immediately.